Teamwork: Two Parts Quality and Efficiency

As summer gives way to fall our work at Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital begins to shift into the final stages of completion. Our short eight month residency has yielded a product that truly holds the R. Olson stamp of quality. Every job is different and we pride ourselves in employing team players and leaders that are experts, not only at their craft but also at adapting to the demanding flow of each unique job. Our crews are the best of the best, we believe their work does a better job of conveying that than we could possibly convey in a few short words.

These teams proactively pre-plan, execute and refine their approach to best fit the needs of the work they do on every job. At R. Olson Construction we pride ourselves in hand selecting leaders that invest in their crew; helping each member to discover and excel at their specific talents on the job. It is this team based value system, a perfectly etched balance of quality and efficiency, that has allowed us to become who we are today.


Written by: Alex Hallberg